Montessori Monster Math Lab

Montessori Monster Math Lab

Montessori Monster Math Lab

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Montessori Monster Maths Lab

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Want to build a solid math foundation for your children?

Montessori Monster Math Lab is a clear and simple approach to first operations that will change the way children see math forever, whether they use it in class or at home.
This app, allying a 100 year old proven pedagogy with the best of 21st Century technology and fun monsters, introduces 4 very important concepts through Montessori material (addition, subtraction, doubles/halves, odd/even).

We've implemented a dynamic progression algorithm that follows each user's progress and adapts the games according to their level.
If you’re tired of your children learning by heart instead of understanding concepts, Montessori Monster Math Lab is the app you’ve been looking for!
Recommended ages: 5 to 8

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Key Features:
- Play with Montessori materials: number rods and counters
- Learn Math on an interactive app with charming graphics!
- Master on addition and subtraction through a natural progression with numbers from 1 to 99!
- Get into multiplication and division using the concepts of double and half!
- Lots of games!
- Great fun with the “Monster lab”, creating your own monster !
- Designed by teachers.

Download Montessori Monster Math Lab now, and be ready to become unbeatable at math!
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***Please note that while this app is free, it contains an In-App purchase that is accessible in the Parental Gate. This content costs real money and can be purchased by users to enhance play experience. Your children will not be exposed to any advertisements while playing the app. ***

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Changed monster part pricing, added interactivity to each UI element, performance improvements